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About this website

This is a website for people who, like me, hate receiving "unwanted" advertising and marketing information.

As a kid I used to love the adverts on TV, especially near Christmas, and I can still quote many of them today. But as an adult I have lost all interest in advertising to the point where it has now become an annoyance to me: I don't watch TV programmes that contain adverts, I've had to change my radio station because of the adverts, and I make the effort to opt-out of any and all advertising. I also love blocking website adverts with my ad-blocker. In fact, sometimes I'll spend more time fine-tuning the add blocker on a website than I spend actually reading the website. I can't help it, I just hate the unwanted distraction of online adverts.

This huge change in my attitude has come about for two reasons:

1. I no longer need adverts to inform me about the benefits of a particular product or service. I can go online and find out what people are actually recommending and more importantly, I can often find out information that the companies fail to mention in their advertising, for example, that a particular product has a high power consumption while in standby mode. Why should I listen to a company promote their own products or services to me when I can easily find out what independent reviewers, and/or people who have already purchased that product or service think? It's pointless!

2. I no longer have loyalty to any one retailer. At one time Argos used to be my retailer of choice but these days I'm happy to go where I can get the best deal; providing that the company seems genuine enough. If I'm buying online though I tend to use Amazon because they allow me to purchase products from third-party companies without the risk of receiving future marketing from that third party. To me, this is huge benefit as I do like the idea that some guy with his shop in a highstreet somewhere can sell his goods to customers all over the country at a price that suits us both.

For these reasons I have no need of advertising in any way, shape or form, and the law requires companies to respect my wishes regarding the advertising of their products and services. The purpose of this website therefore, is to publicly praise those companies that embrace my data protection rights, to publicly identify those companies that contravene my data protection rights, to make you aware of your rights in layman's terms, and to show you how to put a complete stop to all direct marketing from a particular organisation. I also aim to do some analysis on the ICO to show how, in my opinion, the Information Commissioner is failing in his duties to promote good practice and full compliance with the DPA by data controllers.

I'm not a legal professional but I have studied English law and more specifically, contract law in the past. However, much of the information used within the pages of this website is based on information given to me by the ICO - in response to the many complaints that I have submitted over the years. I keep all my e-mails so I've used the ICO's responses, plus information taken from the ICO's website and from reading about the Data Protection Act 1998 and Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations 2003 to build a resource that focuses on direct marketing.

Please note: Any opinions that I may give about a commercial organisation on these pages are my own personal opinions. However, if I quote a company, display copies of their letters or examples of their marketing on these pages, I do so on the understanding that I retain the hard copy evidence to support any claims that I may make.

Mindmydata.co.uk has been online since 2009 but I have recently redesigned it. To make life a bit easier for me... rather than operating a live version and a local version under re-design, I made the decision to put the new site live much earlier than planned. As such, I will continue to pad out the site over the coming months.