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Comparethemarket.com contravenes section 11

A legal representative from www.bglgroup.co.ukNew window owners of www.comparethemarket.com contacted me to apologise and to accept the ICO's assessment that it is likely that they failed to comply with my Section 11 request to cease processing my personal data for the purpose of direct marketing within a reasonable period.

The legal executive said, 'We have looked into the reasons why your request was not dealt with within 28 days.  Normally all unsubscribe requests received by comparethemarket.com are dealt with within 28 days but unfortunately back in May 2009 we did experience some delays with processing a small number of unsubscribe requests due to staff absences. This issue was identified and in July 2009 new measures were implemented to ensure that our unsubscribe process would not be affected by staff absences in the future. Our monitoring since this date has shown that all unsubscribe requests have been completed well within the 28 day period'.

This is a prime example of what www.mindmydata.co.uk is all about... identifying those companies that are failing to comply, seeking an assurance from them that they will change their ways and keeping a record that can be viewed by the public.

Added: 15.01.2010