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Halfords apologise in the nicest possible way

Halfords offer to refund the cost of my order as a gesture of goodwill after confirming that they sent me electronic marketing by mistake.

I registered with Halfords in Jan 2012 when I did an online reserve and collectNew window for a new car battery. When I registered I opted out of electronic marketing and took/saved screen shots of the web form pages as I often do. I didn't receive any marketing all year but in Jan 2013 - a year after registering, they sent me a direct marketing e-mail.

I contacted Halfords on the 19/01/2013 and asked them why I was receiving electronic marketing when I had withdrawn my consent to receive electronic marketing when I registered with them. I didn't get a reply to that e-mail so I submitted a subject access request on the 26/01/2013.

I received a response to my subject access request on the 01/03/2013 and Halfords apologised for the delay in replying. They confirmed that I had opted out of marketing during the registration process and it was an error that caused the marketing e-mail to be sent. Halfords confirmed that this error had now been fixed.

As a gesture of goodwill Halfords agreed to refund the £87.29 that I paid for the car battery. I reciprocated the gesture by agreeing not to report the matter to the ICO. And it's not simply because they agreed to refund my entire order; it's the fact that they've acknowledge that it was a mistake, fixed it and recognised that I've been inconvenienced as a result. There are a number of companies operating within the financial services sector that could learn a lot from Halfords' approach.

Added: 03.03.2012