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House of Fraser contravenes section 11

After conducting an assessment, the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) concluded that it was unlikely that House of FraserNew window had complied with the Data Protection Act 1998 (Data Protection Act 1998) when they failed to respond to my request to cease processing my personal data for direct marketing purposes.

I did everything right too - I registered, placed an online order and submitted a section 11 request - which they acknowledged by assuring me that they would comply. However, a few months later they sent me electronic marketing. And I'm not even sure that they obtained my consent to send me electronic marketing in the first place.

I asked the ICO to carry out an assessment to see whether they believed that HoF were compliant and they said that it was 'unlikely'. In light of this, the ICO sent a letter to HoF advising them of their legal obligations. But I also have the right to seek a court injunction section 11(2) against HoF and under threat of this their Chairman - John King, has since sent me a formal letter of apologyNew window and his assurance of compliance.

Let's hope that Mr King takes this opportunity to conduct a full review of HoF's data protection practices. It's just another example of well known companies failing to comply with the data protection rights of their apparently "valued" customers. All I wanted to do was to place a single order for a single item - it may be years before I wish to place an order with that company again. But because I did this online HoF believe that they have a god given right to bombard my personal e-mail address with marketing! It's seriously annoying.

Added: 20.03.2010