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Amazon want £10 to stop sending marketing to your Kindle Fire

Not only do they operate Amazon.co.uk with a European-based data controller but now they want us to actually pay to opt-out of direct marketing.

All UK data subjects have the right under section 11 of the DPA98 to ask a UK-based data controller to cease processing their personal data to send them direct marketing. One would think that Amazon.co.uk would uphold our rights as UK data subjects but they don't. Instead the Amazon.co.uk website is operated by a data controller based in Europe and as such, not only are we denied of our statutory rights, but Amazon are now looking to make money out of it.

It's ridiculous! You're having to pay Amazon £10 to stop the marketing appearing on your Kindle Fire when we already have laws in place that allow us to opt-out for free. Indeed, if Amazon.co.uk was operated by a UK-based data controller then as a UK data subject you could opt-out of any marketing being sent to your Amazon Kindle Fire by submitting a section 11 request.

This is a prime example in my opinion of the need for the Government to legislate to ensure that .co.uk websites are operated by UK-based data controllers.

I'm not going to buy the Kindle Fire out of principle. I would like to upgrade but the way I see it, if Amazon want to specifically sell to a UK audience then they should aim to honour our statutory rights. As such, requiring me to pay £10 to opt out of marketing when this is something that I expect to be able to do anyway is simply taking the piss.

I'm going to seriously curtail my spending on Amazon next year because I want to do business with UK-based companies that have UK-based data controllers. Let's hope that we get more competition from companies like Argos and perhaps some legislation in place.

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Last updated: 02.12.2012