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Privacy Policy

This website is run as a hobby not a business. Although I do process personal data when I contact individuals by e-mail or when they contact me, I believe that I am exempt from notification because the processing is related to my hobby only.

This website does not make use of cookies in any way shape or form.

Some of the companies that I have a go at are likely to be criminals - there are lots of stories that I've not reported as I don't get time. With this is mind, I am aware that spammers have sent out e-mails that appear to be from this website at least once. If you're an individual rather than a company, I would only use your e-mail address to respond to an enquiry that you've submitted to me so if you receive an unsolicited e-mail that appears to be from this website then you should simply bin it.

Please be aware that this website has nothing to do with money or accounts and if you receive an e-mail like this then it hasn't come from me.